100% handmade meal mixers for dogs – a delicious way to make meals for your buddy instantly fresher and irresistible. These chunky meal toppers are also great for fussy eaters!

Boost your dog’s meal with added variety and wholesome nutrition derived from natural, whole ingredients.

  • Quality lean minced meats that are full of essential amino acids
  • Vitamin and anti-oxidant rich fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Includes super foods like turmeric powder, chia seeds, wolfberry, and more
  • Fortified with wild Alaskan salmon oil  that contains high EPA and DHA levels found in Omega 3-rich fatty acids

The Grateful Dog Topper Chompers are individually packed, quick and easy to prepare – thaw one ready-to-serve portion and mix it into your dog’s regular food or give on its own as a treat. It’s that simple!

Lightly Cooked ∙ Minimally Processed ∙ Great Meal Mixer ∙ Fresh Ingredients

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