Our commitment to the local shelter dogs in Singapore

The tireless work put in by local non-profit dog shelters and rescue organisations in Singapore means that even more dogs can be properly cared for. The Grateful Dog recognises that without this network of support, it will be hard for homeless dogs to find loving homes or receive adequate medical attention.

As a way of supporting this network, The Grateful Give Back was created. Powered by each purchase made, 3% of our profits go towards our partner animal shelter. This is our promise. And as we grow, our support to the beneficiaries under The Grateful Give Back will also extend so that more rescue dogs in Singapore can be cared for.

A Message of Gratefulness

We started The Grateful Dog because we simply wanted to take better care of our own dogs. Because good health starts simply from eating well, we have taken this theory and applied it to dog food – they are man’s best friend after all. Through tirelessly researching different recipes, stringent vetting by our four legged taste testers and thorough review by our veterinary panel, we are glad to be able to share our range of all-natural meals and meal accompaniments with dog owners in Singapore.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for believing in The Grateful Dog and for also supporting The Grateful Give Back.