Enhance the health and wellness of your dog with our range of supplements and treats. We’ve handpicked these all-natural supplies for their quality of ingredients, functional benefits and also because we truly believe your best friend will enjoy them. 

From omega-3 rich wild Alaskan salmon oil and wild Antarctic krill oil capsules to organic yak milk chews and single-ingredient snacks, there’s something for every dog in Singapore!

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  • Adored Beast Pre and Probiotics Love BugsAdd to cart


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  • Wholistic wild deep sea salmon oilAdd to cart

    Wholistic Wild Deep Sea Salmon Oil

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  • Smart Scoops PumpkinAdd to cart

    Smart Scoops – Pumpkin

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  • Smart Scoops BlueberryAdd to cart

    Smart Scoops – Blueberry

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  • Puppy Scoops Peanut ButterAdd to cart

    Puppy Scoops – Peanut Butter

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  • Sale! Puppy Scoop CarobAdd to cart

    Puppy Scoops – Carob

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  • Sale! Puppy Scoops Maple BaconAdd to cart

    Puppy Scoops – Maple Bacon

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  • Dehydrated Yak Chews (Large)

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  • Dehydrated Yak Chews (Small)

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    Wholistic Wild Antartic Krill Oil

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