Our quick and easy storage and feeding guide for gently cooked dog food

Feeding Guide

Ready Meals are a breeze to feed. The daily amount of natural dog food is recommended based on the ideal body weight of your dog. As each dog is unique, the feeding guide below serves as a general recommendation. Adjustments to the portion can be made according to your dog’s appetite and body condition.


Storage Guide

Packed in BPA-free sous vide grade bags, meals are vacuum sealed before being rapidly cooled through the process of blast freezing. With meals flat packed for easy storage, there will always be space for other yummy things.

Meal Pouch Storage


You will receive meal pouches in frozen form. Meals are vacuum sealed in sous vide grade, BPA-free pouches before being flash frozen in order to lock in all that natural goodness!

Meal Pouch SoakingTHAW

Thaw frozen meal pouch in refrigerator one day before feeding. For fast thawing, submerge unopened frozen meal pouch in ambient water until food is soft.

Meal Pouch ServingFEED

Tear and serve chilled meal in your dog’s favourite bowl. For picky eaters or those with sensitive stomachs, soak the already thawed unopened meal pouch in water of not more than 100 degree Celsius for three minutes. Do not microwave or recook.

Does your buddy eat more than once a day?
Check out this instructional video on how you can easily split a full day’s meal into two portions.