40g (1.4 oz)
A best-seller for digestive support, prebiotics, probiotics and immune support concerns on Dogs Naturally Market.

The Perfect Match of Both Pre & Probiotics

“Friendly” bacteria act like the gut’s defense system against “bad” or dangerous disease-causing bacteria. A gut that has a bountiful amount of this healthy friendly live bacteria enjoys wonderful health benefits.

With over 80% of the immune system housed in the gut, probiotics and prebiotics are the perfect match for your pet’s health and immunity.

Reasons why Love Bugs would be great for your dog (and even for cats):

  • Improves nutrient absorption
  • Aids in irritable bowel disease (IBD) and gastric reflux
  • Helps with food sensitives or suspected allergies
  • Assists in preventing urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  • Helps with atopic dermatitis and other skin conditions
  • Helps combat ear infections and yeast
  • Helps prevent tooth decay and bad breath

Why Include Prebiotics?

We often hear about importance of probiotics but lets for a moment think of the gut as a garden…

Probiotics are the flowers that grow, making it a friendly and healthy environment while prebiotics are the fertilizer that help the friendly flowers to thrive – building a strong foundation for housing a healthy immune system for our pets!

The prebiotic found in Love Bugs is made from Larch tree extract which supports colon health. It is often used as an adjunct to cancer therapies due to its ability to stimulate the immune system and aid in the metastasis-blocking of tumor cells.

What’s not to love?


14 Strain Probiotic blend, 30 billion CFU per 1/2 tsp., Prebiotic Larch Arabinogalactian, 850mg

For full strain information, click here.


Add to food once per day (dosages vary depending on size of dog)

1-13kg :   0.25 tsp for 56 days

13.5 kg -27 kg :  0.50 tsp for 28 days

27.5 kg – 40kg :  0.75 tsp for 18.5 days

41 kg + :  1 tsp for 14 days

A 40g container will last a dog up to 13kg, 56 days.

Suitable for dogs (and cats).

Refrigerate after opening.

Suitable for dogs (and cats).

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