The Grateful Dog Pack

The Grateful Dog Pack

The two that started it all


Growing up with cats and dogs, both Rachel and Sandee know the pain of losing their own best friends and the one thought that always ran through their minds was, “if only I had taken better care of them much earlier”.

Though their beloved pets can never be replaced, they have welcome new members to their respective families, Lucy the Boston Terrier and Clash the Beagle. It became even more important to take the best care of both of them – starting simply with the food they fed their dogs. After learning of the negative effects of overly processed pet kibble and canned food, the duo swore off ever feeding kibble to their dogs and began dedicating their free time into researching more about how they could feed their best friends better and subsequently, found joy in preparing home cooked meals for them. The positive effects of feeding whole foods to their dogs were striking and impossible to ignore.

The most obvious ones started with the sheer joy of seeing their dogs finishing their meals in one sitting. No more fussy eating. No more leftovers.

Over the course of a few days, stools were also lesser, smaller and firmer plus not as foul smelling.

Lucy, who was previously scrawny began bulking up in the healthiest of ways and is now active as ever while pudgy Clash not only started slimming down, her rashes on her belly started clearing up. Both dogs are now in their healthy weight levels. And yes, the compliments naturally came rolling in about their healthy and shiny coats.

Fast forward two years of careful research, testing and serving a close group of other avid dog lovers, The Grateful Dog was conceived so that both Rachel and Sandee can better share their passion and belief in creating fresh foods for dogs using only whole foods to even more dog owners.  The Grateful Give Back is also the company’s way of imparting essential funds into local animal shelters, powered by each meal subscription.

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