Benefits of Fresh Food for Dogs



The time we have with our dogs is a lot less than we would hope for. And that’s why we do all we can to give them the best quality of life and invest time into finding the right diet for them. Which leads you to wonder: Is fresh food the right diet? What are the benefits of feeding fresh food to my dog?

Feeding your dog fresh food is vital to its health and vitality because fresh food has higher bio availability, is more digestible, and has less chances of causing toxicity among other reasons. A number of positive changes will take place in your buddy’s body – from the inside out – once you transition your best friend from processed, commercial food such as kibble to a gently-cooked, fresh food diet for dogs, especially if it is one that is made with human grade ingredients. Here is why we think you’ll love feeding your best friend our range of carefully crafted, well balanced Ready Meals for dogs:

If you are wondering why you should choose a gently-cooked dog food diet instead of something else for your dog, for one, meals that have been gently-cooked retain a higher percentage of nutrients including amino acids, vitamins and minerals compared to commercial dog food.

Our meals are made from 100% human-grade ingredients, with high-quality lean minced meat as its first ingredients, along with a mixture of raw and minimally processed whole foods.

A dog thrives on a diet that is canine appropriate and correctly balanced according to their nutritional requirements. 

Bowl of minced meat for dogs


At The Grateful Dog, lean animal protein is always our first ingredient.

Through our recipes, your dog will enjoy a daily rotation of varied, high-quality animal-based protein sources and can benefit in various ways including: increased nutrient intake, happier mealtimes as almost all dogs are able to finish their meals in one sitting (even with picky eaters), and a reduced risk of forming food allergies and intolerance.

Dogs with no allergies to the ingredients included will also begin to have improved skin and healthier, shiner coats.

By feeding meals according to your buddy’s daily nutritional requirements, you’ll also find that your dog will gradually reach and maintain a healthy weight. Eating right never looked so good!


Nothing irks us more than dubious ingredients. For many commercial pet food manufacturers, the use of cheap and insecticide riddled carbohydrates and other poor-quality fillers in the making of pet food is common practice. Items that count as ‘corn’ used in dog food can include cattle feed, corn remnants and corn meal dust. That is a real ‘corn-job’ if you ask us! Fillers from ingredients like soy, beet pulp and wheat used to add bulk to commercial dog food and bind it together is another reason why we stay far away from kibble. Those are ingredients that absolutely do not belong in a dog’s diet.

With our natural food for dogs, we make sure that none of that icky stuff ever finds its way into your dog’s bowl.



No one enjoys a serving of mystery meat and your dog should not be subject to it either.

Many commercial dog food brands legally contain “4-D” meat: meat from dead, dying, diseased and disabled animals including road kill and expired meats.

The Grateful Dog takes pride in our sourcing as we get our produce from the same suppliers that provide ingredients to reputable restaurants and hotels in Singapore. We keep things transparent and honest with our human grade dog food that only includes lean animal protein and other fresh, wholesome ingredients.

Read more about the scary truth behind how pet food companies make up for high protein levels with poor quality meats here.



No one likes talking about it but when you are in charge of scooping the poop, it matters! Due to the inclusion of poor quality ingredients and fillers in commercial dog food, it often results in dogs producing a mountain of waste that is accompanied by a rank, rotting odour.

On a fresh food diet, dog waste can be reduced in quantity because the body absorbs more of the nutrients from the food. Poop also becomes milder in odour and can appear to be slightly moister yet firmer.

Read more about your dog’s digestion here and how to assess your dog’s poo here (warning – this link contains actual images).

Vegetables and fruits top down


Sadly, many dog food labels include vague terms such as “meat” and “meal”. This is on top of harsh chemical ingredients such as butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydroxytolueneused (BHT) that are known for its links to cancer, commonly used as preservatives to keep kibble consumable after sitting on the shelf for months. How often have you picked up a dusty pack of dog food?

The Grateful Dog uses fresh whole foods and a list of ingredients that are clearly labelled for your ease of mind.

Our meals also never include added salt, artificial vitamins and minerals, or chemical preservatives. Instead, food is packed in sous vide grade, BPA-free vacuum bags and kept fresh through the process of flash freezing. This helps to preserve nutrients in the food and protects against bacteria formation.