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Food & Supplements

You can look forward to many benefits, with some appearing within the first week at times. No two dogs are the same, so signs of improvement may vary from dog to dog. Here are some of more common observations we have noticed in various dogs, first hand over a 12-month period.

  • Almost all dogs finish their meals in one sitting, even known picky eaters
  • Dogs gradually reach and maintain a healthy weight
  • Excrement is smaller, firmer and sometimes darker. Best of all, it also becomes a lot less foul smelling.
  • Dogs without allergies to the ingredients began showcasing healthier coats and clearer skin.

While our meals are formulated for healthy adult dogs who are 12 months old and above, puppies that are at least 7 months old can start on our meals. It’s good to expose your pup to a variety of ingredients and tastes early on in life as it would make him/her more likely to try and accept different foods as an adult.

The quality of premium kibble and dehydrated raw foods found in pet stores has improved but it is ultimately still highly processed. We believe that fresh food, served cooked or raw is the best way to avoid unnecessary processing. At The Grateful Dog, our meals are prepared with fresh, gently cooked whole ingredients.

Absolutely! As with switching to any new brand of food, the diet should be introduced slowly. Start with a 3:1 proportion of your dog’s existing food to The Grateful Dog meal pouches and gradually, you can increase it over the course of three to five days until you are feeding a 100% The Grateful Dog diet.

We pride ourselves in only using human grade, whole foods. Find out more about our ingredients here.

The main difference will be that Ready Meals are pre-packed in standard size serving portions of 200g, with five single recipes in a bag (1kg total). It is a single transaction product that does not recur.

Our Custom Weight Meals are packed according to your dog’s weight and we include 14 days of food per order. It is a subscription plan with recurring deliveries. You are able to include up to three recipes during each delivery.

The recipes for both Ready Meals and Custom Weight Plans are entirely the same.

A 100% organic and natural supplement blend is included into every meal pouch according to your dog’s daily requirements. There’s no need to add additional supplements to its meal as The Grateful Dog diet is nutritionally complete for adult dogs. However, depending on your dog’s needs, you may add on other supplements for joint support, coat care and additional digestive support.

We understand that there may be some concern with regards to garlic and if it is safe for dogs.

Garlic is safe for your dog when fed in appropriate amounts and in fact comes with many beneficial properties when given as organic types that is free from harmful chemicals. Containing allicin, garlic is also a powerful antioxidant that exhibits anti fungal and anti-bacterial properties.
The reason some dog owners are skeptical about garlic is because studies have shown that it can lead red blood cell damage. However, this only happens when garlic is given in toxic doses (example – handfuls of pure garlic each time). The garlic included in the supplement blend is of a proportion that is both safe and beneficial for dogs.

Every dog is built differently and if your dog has special dietary needs or pre-existing medical conditions, it is important that your vet is aware that you are intending to start your dog on The Grateful Dog diet.

Feeding & Storage

The frozen meal pouch can be left to thaw in the refrigerator the night before. Tear and serve in your dog’s favourite bowl. All meals are packed in food safe, BPA-free, puncture proof and sous vide grade pouches.

For picky eaters or those with sensitive stomachs, soak the already thawed meal pouch in hot water of not more than 100 degrees Celsius for 5-7 minutes before feeding. Do not microwave or recook.

As long as the meal pouches are kept in the freezer compartment at a constant temperature, they can be stored for up to six months.

A thawed meal pouch that is unopened can be kept in the fridge for up to three days. Thawed meal pouches should not be refrozen.
Opened meal pouches should be kept in the chiller compartment and best consumed within 24 hours and no longer than 48 hours.

Customer Service

For first time dog owners who are looking to try the meals before deciding on a meal plan, the 2-Week Trial will be best suited for you. Monthly plans are available for dog sizes, ranging from toy to large breeds between 2kg – 30kg. A 4-Week meal plan starts from SGD 157.00 per month for a 2 kg toy breed, which works out to SGD 5.61/day. Our 12-Week meal plan allows you to save as much as up to 10% more from your overall bill each month.

All subscription plans are auto renewing unless you pause or cancel it. Billing occurs once every four weeks for dogs weighing 2kg to 6kg, and every two weeks for dogs weighing 7kg onward, paid through your provided credit card. We can be contacted at Tel: +65 6917 8417 or Email: for more information.

All meals require a minimum of nine days and a maximum of 11 days to be delivered from your date of order as 2-Week Trials and meal plans are only prepared upon receipt of order.

Orders and payments for any 2-Week trials, 4-Week and 12-Week meal plan subscriptions are only accepted through The Grateful Dog online store which has been designed to be hassle-free and secure. However, we do accept cash or payment through DBS PayLah, PayNow and Grab Pay for items such as our Meal Toppers, Supplements and Treats.

Delivery is complimentary for all orders over $80, otherwise a delivery charge of $15.00. You may also choose to self-collect your order from our kitchen.

Depending on the situation, we may:

  1. Bring the package back to our premise if no one was home to receive it and our attempts to reach you were unsuccessful (a two-way re delivery charge of $30 will apply). This will apply especially for any frozen item. You can also arrange to have the items self-collected from our kitchen.
  2. Leave it in the safekeeping of a person you have appointed (neighbour, security guard) if you are coming back within 1 hour.

Because we believe more can be done for our local animal shelters, we’ve made it our commitment to donate 3% of our profits to The Grateful Dog’s partnering animal shelter(s) through The Grateful Give Back.

No two dogs are alike and we believe in working together with you to see how we can help your dog better adjust to The Grateful Dog diet. Get in touch with us at tel: +65 6917 8417 or email:

We’d love to have you over. If you’re looking to find out more or want to swing by for a quick ‘hello’, you’re welcome to visit us together with your best friend.

In the off chance that you would like to cease the subscription, you can simply email us with a minimum of 10 days before your next scheduled delivery with your full name and four-digit order number. The entire process will be fast and pain-free, scout’s honour.

Kindly note that the first four weeks and first eight weeks of the 4-Week and 12-Week meal plan subscription respectively cannot be cancelled.