Fresh, gently cooked dog food, delivered to your doorstep.

Mealtimes are a joy with wholesome, human grade dog food your best friend will love.

Balanced in all the right ways, The Grateful Dog Ready Meals is the easiest way to feed a 100% natural diet to your dog. Our gently cooked dog food is made with species appropriate ingredients in small batches for absolute freshness.

Delicious meals made
without compromise

High quality, lean minced meat is always our first ingredient. Our vet-reviewed, flash frozen dog food is created with zero preservatives, artificial ingredients, fillers, soy, corn and added salt. Simply thaw, tear & serve!

Why choose The Grateful Dog?

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Canine Appropriate

Small batch meals made prepared with carefully selected fresh foods with high bioavailability for canines.

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Whole Foods

AVS-certified kitchen preparing human grade ingredients. No fillers, preservatives or added salt.

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Full of Freshness

Minimally processed and flash frozen in BPA free pouches to seal in all the natural goodness.

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The Grateful Give Back

3% of profits go back to Causes for Animals, our partner animal shelter in Singapore.

Our Testimonials

Owners share real reviews of their personal experience with The Grateful Dog.

Our Testimonials

Owners share real reviews of how their (furry) family members benefit from The Grateful Dog experience.

Customer Review Thumbnail
Sharon Poon with Peanut & Butter the Singapore Specials

“The Grateful Dog Team are forever helpful and never once not have a smile when I do my self pick up. It is pricer than kibbles but never once it was rejected by my 2 rescues. And I love the idea that they give back to the AWGs as well. Kudos to the team and continue to thrive!”

Customer Review Thumbnail
Ke Ni Chua with Morkie, Banana & Bubsy the Maltese, Yorkie & Singapore Special

“My dogs loved the delicious meals, and they were extremely easy to prepare. I would highly recommend the meal plans to anyone looking for fuss-free yet nutritious meals for their precious pups.”

Review by dog owner
Yujun Chen with Mandy the Maltese

“Mandy (our dog) has been eating The Grateful Dog’s food the last few months. She is a picky dog, but has been enjoying the food. It’s good to know that the food is full of good stuff! The service from The Grateful Dog is amazing too! If you have any queries, they are just an email away… very prompt with email replies and ever so helpful! Thank you, The Grateful Dog!”

Customer review
Malini Lingam with Kara the Cavoodle

“When we decided to make the switch to cooked food for our precious pup, we reached out to a few places with some questions, and the service at The Grateful Dog was so good I didn’t even want/need to continue my search. We have tried the Chicken meal so far and my fussy eater puppy absolutely loves her meal time now and am glad cos we know we are now giving her quality food that she deserves.”

Agnes Tan with Alpha the Pomeranian

“I’m truly glad that after much hesitation, I have made the decision to order the 2-Week trial from you for my picky eater furby. And the best of the best is that his poop has great improvement as he was always having sensitive stomach since he was a puppy despite trying out variable kind of supplements, it just doesn’t seem to work out at all. I am truly impressed and believe the food that you have prepared for the furbies are freshly done as my furby is definitely 300% or 500% picky.

Fransiska Soemantri with Xena, the Pomsky

“My pomsky pup, Xena, had sensitive stomach when she was much younger and was therefore prone to runny stool. When I came across the Grateful Dog fresh meals, I went ahead to order the trial meals before continuing with the auto renewal 4-week meal plan which can be adjusted according to Xena’s changing weight. The meals are not only convenient, they are balanced, wholesome and tasty. The transition from Xena’s old diet to the fresh meals was seamless. Xena’s digestive system has improved tremendously, no more loose, stinky poop. She has grown stronger, healthier and her coat has become fluffier and shinier.”

Charmaine Ng with Blackie, the American Cocker Spaniel

“I would just like to say a big thank you so much for all the help and support in helping him move from kibble to freshly cooked meals. I have seen much improvement in his health and biology, and would definitely recommend The Grateful Dog to my friends who are looking for healthier alternatives for their dogs. Your team has definitely helped me provide Blackie with better nutrition, fuss free!”

Pearlynn Kendall with Dusty, the Husky

“Dusty has always been a picky eater with a very sensitive tummy. She went through a few episodes of gastrointestinal infection and we have been trying to switch her food to find the best fit. I tried cooking on my own but it was just too time consuming and I felt like I wasn’t balancing her meals properly. Tried freeze dried raw but this fussy eater lost interest quickly. Dusty used to starve herself until she vomits bile because she just doesn’t have any interest in her food. Ever since we started her on Grateful Dog, she is excited and finishes her meals quickly. No regrets with the switch to Grateful Dog! Dusty loves it! ❤️Thank You!”

Tabitha Koh with Honey, the Cocker Spaniel

“I’ve been wanting to introduce more cooked food into Honey’s diet but finding the time or energy to cook regularly for her can be difficult. So discovering The Grateful Dog was a great blessing! Honey looks forward to every meal and I look forward to preparing her meals because I know it makes her happy!! And it’s really so convenient – I just defrost a pack a day before feeding and the next day I just pop it into her bowl”

Dog review Regina Dobby
Regina Chen with Dobby, the Miniature Dachshund

“Ever since I switched my dachshund, Dobby’s, meals from kibbles to the cooked meals from The Grateful Dog, I’ve seen significant improvements in his health. At first I started him on a 2-week trial and improvements started showing within 2 weeks. He poops lesser (which means his body is absorbing more of what he ate) and it doesn’t stink as bad as before. His pee became less yellow too. He used to have flaky and bumpy skin (from allergies), but now that he’s on 100% cooked meals from Grateful Dog only, his coat have become shiny and smooth 👍🏻”

Alysia Ling with Coco Chanel Chan, the Toy Poodle

“We decided to try the various meals from The Grateful Dog as we had come across fabulous reviews about the company. Our toy poodle, Coco, was getting really fussy with her food. We had put her on a raw freeze dried diet previously but she had frequent stomach issues so we decided to try cooked food instead. Coco loves the beef and pork meals from The Grateful Dog and she no longer suffers from stomach problems. The meals come in convenient portioned packages and all you need to do is heat up the contents. It’s really fuss free but yet so nutritious with the right combination of healthy ingredients. I highly recommend these delicious meals to all dog owners who will not settle for anything less than the best for their precious pooches!”

Love local

Each time you order, you are also contributing to The Grateful Give Back, a community fund for our partner animal shelter, Causes for Animals Singapore.

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