Chicken & Black Bean Topper Chompers


Boost your dog’s meal with added variety and wholesome nutrition derived from natural ingredients with The Grateful Dog Chicken & Black Bean Topper Chompers meal mixer.

  • Quality lean minced cage-free chicken breast and thigh meat that is full of essential amino acids
  • Vitamin and anti-oxidant rich fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Includes wolfberry, nature’s superfood
  • Fortified with wild Alaskan salmon oil that is high EPA and DHA found in Omega 3-rich fatty acids

Individually packed, quick and easy to prepare – thaw the ready-to-serve portion and mix it into your dog’s regular food or give on its own as a treat.


Cage-free chicken breast & thigh, black bean, pumpkin, green bean, carrot, olive oil, wild Alaskan salmon oil, wolfberry

Weight: Approximately 147 g/piece

Nutritional Breakdown

102 kcal/100 g



One pack contains five individually packed Topper Chompers.



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